Paini Lidas

A tradition for a family, a benefit for the community

The Lidas story began in 1993, from a mill in Mineri, Tulcea county. Since then, our family owned business has evolved, and today we are among the largest bakery producers in Romania.

Our products are manufactured according to our own recipes, and their quality is confirmed over time by Lidas customers. We invest passion in everything we do, with a constant focus on innovation.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer bakery and pastry products at the highest European standards, always taking care of the chosen ingredients. We innovate, test and then deliver quality to our customers.

Company values

The values that underlie our daily activity are TRADITION, QUALITY and INNOVATION. To excel in our field, it is not enough to have good products, it is necessary to offer your customers new recipes to help grow their business.

Our story


The beginning of Lidas

In 1993, our family business was born, in Mineri, Tulcea county. We started from a mill with a production capacity of 15 tons per day.




We grew year by year

Two years after our business started, we built the first bakery, increasing its production capacity quarterly, following the growing demand for our products. In 2001 we built a grain reception base.

Fabrica Mineri

Our first factory

In 2007 we built our first factory, accordingly to European standards. This was followed by the modernization of the facility, the expansion of the production lines, and in 2012 we produced the first frozen bakery products.


chifle (1)


We bake the first frozen bakery products

In 2012 we made the first frozen bakery products in our factory in Mineri.

Milestone 2022

International exposure

The year 2022 brought our company international exposure by participating in SIAL Paris and OPEX Amsterdam. In the same year, we were awarded Romania Best Managed Companies.


Fabrica Cataloi


Building our future

The year 2023 will bring the opening of the second Lidas factory, fully automated and one of the largest production facilities in Europe.

High quality standards

Our products are manufactured with great care, complying with ISO, HCCP, IFS standards, as well with a rigorous internal system. This allowed us to participate in various tenders organized by state institutions, as well as to obtain EU funding.