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Building the future with our teams

We are a Romanian company with a tradition in the bakery field, and our business has grown year by year, investing in technology and in our teams. Today we are building one of the most automated production factories in South-Eastern Europe and Lidas products can be found on store shelves all over the country, close to the customers who motivate us to be better and better.

Our evolution is due to the teams that are with us every day, from production, delivery to administrative colleagues. Today, Lidas has over 300 employees and by the end of the year, with the opening of the factory in Cataloi, we will reach 500 people in our company.

We are looking for the right people to help us strike success, while providing them with the necessary framework to develop and advance.

If you want a motivating job, which offers you the chance for professional development and rewards based on results, we invite you to apply for one of the available positions. We look forward to meeting you!

Current job offers

We are looking for a Product Research-Development Responsible. Administrative headquarters – Mineri, Tulcea county.

We are looking for a Responisble for quality in food industry. Administrative headquarters – Mineri, Tulcea county.

We are looking for a Process improvement responsible/specialist.

We are looking for a Sales analyst. Headquarters in Mineri, Tulcea county.

We are looking for an Accountant (with experience). Administrative headquarters in Mineri, Tulcea county.

Do you have questions about vacancies? Do not hesitate to contact us.

0752 119 334

28 Brailei Street, Mineri, Tulcea county